Enhance Your Personal & Professional Impact
By Developing Your 7 Impact Competencies

What Is It?

Accelerate is a personal & professional development program designed to help you accelerate your evolution from competent to credible, then exceptional, then extraordinary.

It enables you to get greater recognition, opportunities and income by enhancing your impact.

This program integrates development of mindset, skills & habits across 7 Impact Competencies:

1 - Mindset
2 - Presence
3 - People (Centricity)
4 - Context (Awareness)
5 - Adaptability
6 - Communication
7 - Value (Creation)


Who is it for?

Accelerate is for two types of people.

1. Professionals Seeking Advancement

You’re seeking to have greater impact in your job and want to get rewarded for it.

You’re hungry and ambitious but perhaps frustrated at your rate of progress.

2. Emerging Leaders Making Their Mark

You may already be a team leader or manager or that may be your next role.

You're seeking strategies to lift your profile and methods to help others lift themselves. 

What are the benefits?

1 - Create Value

By enhancing your professional impact you will create greater value for yourself, your customers and your company.

2 - Lift Your Profile

Get recognition by your colleagues, be heard by your leaders and become a trusted advocate for your customers.

3 - Help Others Enhance Their Impact

Use the proven strategies & methods from this program to mentor and coach the people you lead to enhance their impact.

Training - Lesson Design & Curriculum


Lesson Design & Structure

Practical and immediately applicable, each lesson develops one or more of your 7 Impact Competencies:

  • Mindset
  • Presence
  • People (centricity)
  • Context (awareness)
  • Adaptability
  • Communication
  • Value (creation)

Pillars of Impact

Lesson 1

Functional competence is not enough. To create value for yourself, your customers and your company you need to create impact.

What are the other three pillars that create impact?

What are the 7 Impact Competencies that will enable you to evolve from competent to credible, exceptional and then extraordinary?

Context Lens

Lesson 2

People are multidimensional, they are constantly evolving and their context is constantly changing.

So how do you ensure you are picking up the right signals, building empathy and engaging on the things that matter?

Context Lens allows us to see people and their context in a clearer and more granular way.

Signals & Stories

Lesson 3

From the second you interact with someone and every interaction thereafter, people are picking up signals and forming opinions about you.

Your ability to impact them and create value is actually dependant on people’s perception of you.

How do you ensure you’re sending the right verbal and non-verbal signals and that they have the impression you want?

Capture Forest

Lesson 4

Most often the people, projects and tasks we are dealing with are part of something much bigger.

How do we ensure, we’re creating value in the relevant (strategic) context and we are not missing the forest for trees ?

Capture Forest enables us to capture crucial contextual big picture information in a simple, fast, transparent and structured way.

Value Interactions

Lesson 5

You are in constant competition for people’s attention and even if you get their attention, people have short attention spans.

How do you communicate in a way that is compelling, relevant and value creating for yourself and the person you are engaging with?

By understanding and leveraging the five elements of a Value Interaction, you can exchange value and enhance your connection with people on each interaction.

Network LeftRight

Lesson 6

The size and quality of your network will directly influence your ability to impact & create value for yourself and others.

How do you create new meaningful connections, without feeling awkward?

Go from ‘basic networking’ to the ‘best networking’ by adopting the Network LeftRight principle of actively connecting with people who are connections of your existing connections.

Five Star Pitch

Lesson 7

In your role as an impactor and value creator you will often need to present things that don’t exist or are in the future.

This might be a proposed solution to a problem or it may be a new idea. How do you create compelling pitch?

There are five elements to giving a compelling pitch that gets people onboard, takes them on the mental and emotional journey and ensures you are heard, understood and valued.

"With ImpactLadder, Sidney has developed methods to help people gain a broader perspective on critical interactions that help to maximize your impact."

Tim Clipsham, Founder,
Good Software 
(acquired by Atlassian)

"I wouldn’t hesitate recommending ImpactLadder to people who are looking for genuine guidance and support. You’re learning from the best! " 

Katie Lewis, Director, The Accelerator Network

"With ImpactLadder, Sid has refined these techniques into gems that others can comfortably learn and apply to help achieve their own goals."

Scott Eade, Head of Data Platform, Contexti
(acquired by Versent)

"Thank you Sidney from Sydney for sharing simple, practical #gold to get us from ordinary to extraordinary. My team and I loved our experience with you"

Filipa Preston, CEO, Software Optismisation Services


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