5 Questions Leaders Should Be Asking Themselves During Times Of Crisis

crisis leadership Mar 10, 2020

Life and business are full of unknowns.

Right now we have entered an unprecedented phase of global challenges, political and economic uncertainty, panic and irrational human behaviour, all of which will adversely impact businesses and jobs.

And behind all business and jobs are the people we lead.

As a leader - more than ever, now is the time to step-up.

You need to provide confidence to your team and customers, give them mental and emotional safety and determine the best path forward for your business.

So to get started, here are 5 questions you should be asking yourself right now:

  1. How Am I Ensuring Our Mission & Values Are Being Reinforced And Are Top Of Mind?

    Dr Peter Fuda talks about great organisations being able to answer 4 questions:

    Where are we going?
    How will we get there?
    How are we going to be on this journey? (values)
    Why do we exist above and beyond making money? (mission)

    As a leader how well can you articulate your answers to these four questions and how are you ensuring your mission and values are top of mind for your team?

  2. What Can I Be Simplifying In My Life And In The Business?

    Being uncluttered, clear and level headed is an advantage in life, in leadership and in business.

    Look out for what is making you and the team busy but not effective and cut it out.

    Simplification opportunities exist across people management, processes, technology and operational models.

    Simplification also makes it easy for your team to know what is expected of them and your customers to know how to best work with you.

  3. How Are We Creating Value For Our Customers And Prospects At Every Interaction?

    At a time when everyone else is also simplifying and batting down the hatches - you better make sure you and your team have value creation top of mind at every interaction.

    From your marketing content to your sales meetings, to customer success - how are you creating value at every interaction?

  4. How Am I Creating Opportunities To Have Connected Conversations With My Team, My Customers and My Network?

    Connected conversations means you are going beyond the surface level.

    By having their trust and demonstrating deep empathy for your team, your customers and  your network you are unravelling people’s fears, hopes and ambitions.

    Especially during times of heightened uncertainty, people’s anxiety levels go up. People are unsure about their jobs, their future, their health, the direction of the company and so on.

    How are you ensuring your team has your trust and how are you creating opportunities to have connected conversations?

  5. How Will I Reinvent Myself, My Team And The Business To Meet The Challenges Of Tomorrow?

    Necessity is the mother of invention.

    It would be reasonable to say we are in a period of necessity.

    What worked for you a year ago may not work tomorrow - so look for the early indicators of what’s not working, what needs to change and take active steps to challenge, create and innovate.

    Before you think about reinvention in the business, spend some time considering how you will reinvent yourself and help your team members evolve to meet the challenges of tomorrow.

Final thoughts.

  • Where there is crisis there is opportunity for people to grow and for businesses to evolve.
  • Share these questions with your leadership team, get them involved (early) in the process.

If you want to discuss how you can develop high-performance leaders and teams in your company contact us.

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