Sidney from Sydney And Guy Kawasaki Talk About Leadership & Shifts


Sidney (from Sydney) Minassian and Guy Kawasaki discuss:

  • The impact of the pandemic
  • How science has been politicised 
  • How Covid19 has become the trigger for shifts in the adoption of technology
  • How higher education is up for massive disruption with more hiring companies not mandating university degrees


Thank you Care24.Global for the opportunity to be part of your special event.

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The One Skill To Have A Great Life Over The Next 50 Years

In a recent interview for the Navitas Ventures blog, Mick Liubinskas asked ImpactLadder Founder, Sidney Minassian what was the one skill he'd recommend he teach his kids to have a great life over the next 50 years.

Sidney answered that question and also covered :

  • How ImpactLadder is taking an unconventional approach to training and development;
  • What is the motivation & ROI for managers to develop their employees;
  • Differentiating symptoms vs problems; 
  • Micro-credentials and life long learning;
  • Disruption to traditional education from Universities;
  • Kodak Moment (disappearing when you don't innovate and adapt fast enough); and
  • AI's role in Education in the next 10 years.


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