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Free Workshop For Leaders & Professionals on Resilience, Presence & Value Creation

In this 1 hour online workshop you'll learn:

What Creates Impact

The core function (product, service, task) that you perform is one of three elements needed to create impact. What are the other two?

7 Impact Competencies

To evolve from competent to become credible, exceptional, then extraordinary you need to master the 7 Impact Competencies. What are they and how do you know where you’re at?

Your Growth Trajectory

To get greater recognition, more opportunities and increase your income you need to grow. What determines your growth trajectory and what should you do next?

What Past Participants Are Saying About ImpactLadder Workshops

"This program helps people gain a broader perspective on critical interactions that help to maximize your impact as a leader."

Tim Clipsham, Senior Product Manager, Atlassian 

"Very positive feedback from the team and they applied the frameworks the very next day to a client opportunity ! " 

Peter Spicer, Chief Technology Officer, RoZetta Tech

"I attended this workshop and it was very impactful. I highly recommend this program for professionals looking to get to the next level in their career"

Digamber Prasad, Technical Architect, Cognizant

"Thank you Sidney from Sydney for sharing simple, practical #gold to get us from ordinary to extraordinary. My team and I loved our experience with you"

Filipa Preston, CEO, Software Optismisation Services

About ImpactLadder

Mission & Purpose

ImpactLadder is a global leadership development company.

Our mission is to help leaders become their extraordinary.

Focus & Philosophy

Our focus is on developing the whole person. 

We believe, to lift company performance you must first help leaders with their personal  & professional development & growth. Not 'teamwork', 'customer service' or 'sales'.


Speciality & Approach

Our specialty is decoding complex human, mental, emotional and behavioural concepts into simple, memorable and teachable methods. 

Our development programs create high-performance leaders by helping them build their mental and emotional resilience and enhance their professional impact.

More From Past Participants

"Awesome and thought provoking. Thank you for sharing how to become our extraordinary as part of the DELL ANZ Channel team 'spotlight on you event' ."

Louise Bramston, Channel Enablement Manager, DELL Technologies

"Fantastic session! This program captured years of experience in an easy to understand framework you can apply straight away. Everyone was engaged from start to end." 

Scott Matthews, Chief Data Scientist, RoZetta Tech

"This program was a blast and quite different to any work/career L&D that I've been on. It goes above and beyond core soft skills. I can highly recommend for anyone looking to make a big impact in their professional life"

Chris Baldock, CTO, Cloudwerx

"This helped me. If you are moving into leadership or considering your next big career move this program will help you confidently and authentically pursue your goals"

Grant Petersen-Speelman, Head of Engineering, NEXL LTS

Leadership Essentials Live Online

Free Workshop For Leaders & Professionals on Resilience, Presence & Value Creation


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Discover your path from competent to credible, exceptional, then extraordinary across your 7 Impact Competencies.