How To Become Your Extraordinary


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Navigate Coaching Program

Navigate by ImpactLadder is a 4 week, online personal development program that helps you:

  • Envision Your Extraordinary
  • Develop Your Mental & Emotional Resilience
  • Progress Forward In Your Work, Life & Play

Navigate - Program Overview

3 simple lessons, with proven methods, templates and examples to guide you step-by-step + 4 one-on-one private coaching sessions

Lesson 1

You will learn the 10 Extraordinary Concepts that set the foundation.

You will use these principles as levers and building blocks for designing and becoming your extraordinary.

Duration: 25 minutes

Lesson 2

You will learn the proven strategies and methods used for developing high-performance people.

Using the Navigate extraordinary design template and with reference to a completed example, you will be guided step by step to envisioning (designing) your extraordinary and building your mental and emotional resilience.

Duration: 1hr

Lesson 3

You will learn tips, tricks and hacks that will enable you to peel away from your old mindset and habits and create momentum towards becoming your extraordinary. 

Duration: 20 minutes

One-on-One Coaching

Each week you will have a one-on-one coaching session with your coach (via Zoom) where you will address objectives and challenges.

Your coach will challenge you on your language, your goals and the stories you keep telling yourself.

As a result of your coaching session you will update your Navigation to ensure you are on the right path.

Duration: 4 x 30 minutes

Practical Gold

Thank you Sidney from Sydney for sharing simple, practical gold to get us from ordinary to extraordinary. My team and I loved our experience with you.

Filipa Preston, CEO, Software Optimisation Services

In control as opposed to overwhelmed

Over the past 7 years, I've left coaching sessions with Sidney feeling excited about the road ahead as opposed to stymied, and in control as opposed to overwhelmed.

James Lau, Founder Xempli (previously at Booze Allen Hamilton)

Thought Provoking

Thank you to Sidney Minassian from ImpactLadder for sharing with us how to be our extraordinary. You were awesome and thought provoking!!!

Louise Bramston
Channel Enablement Manager,
DELL Technologies



3 minute video lessons, 5 days

Insights and strategies to improve your mental and emotional resilience