How To Lead Your Sales Offensive In A Crisis

For (Founders, CEOs, Sales, Marketing) Leaders Responsible For Revenue Growth 

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Free Workshop For (Founders, CEO, Sales, Marketing) Leaders Responsible for Revenue Growth

In this 1 hour online workshop you'll learn:

What's Changed

What are the threats and opportunities?

Why you must now become a Wartime (Founder, CEO, Sales) Leader?

Sales Enablers & Blocks

What are the sales enablers or blocks?

How to assess the health of your sales strategy and execution ?

Leading Your (Sales) Offensive

How to take charge

Which sales levers to focus on

How to survive and thrive

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ImpactLadder is a global leadership development company.

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Our focus is on developing the whole person. 

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Our specialty is decoding complex human, mental, emotional and behavioural concepts into simple, memorable and teachable methods. 

Our development programs create high-performance leaders by helping them build their mental and emotional resilience and enhance their professional impact.

How To Lead Your Sales Offensive In A Crisis

Free Webinar for (Founders, CEOs, Sales, Marketing) Leaders Responsible For Revenue Growth


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