Sidney from Sydney And Guy Kawasaki Talk About Leadership & Shifts


Sidney (from Sydney) Minassian and Guy Kawasaki discuss:

  • The impact of the pandemic
  • How science has been politicised 
  • How Covid19 has become the trigger for shifts in the adoption of technology
  • How higher education is up for massive disruption with more hiring companies not mandating university degrees


Thank you Care24.Global for the opportunity to be part of your special event.

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How To Create Psychological Safety For The People You Lead

Arguably in 2020, psychological safety at work has become even more critical and even more complex as we deal with the economic impacts of a global pandemic, work from home as the new normal and social isolation.

While individuals must be willing to put in the effort and go on a personal growth journey to perform at their best, it is the leaders who must willing to create an environment that offers psychological safety for people to show up, contribute and grow.

So before you think about sales, customer service and shareholder returns, turn your attention to the needs of your people and in particular how to give them the psychological safety they need to adapt and flourish in the new normal.

Here are 5 strategies to create psychological safety for the people you lead.

1 - Understand Their ‘Safety’ Needs

Your people will have specific ways they process and express their psychological and emotional safety needs.

  • People’s psychological and emotional safety needs may...
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The Hard Decisions On Bringing People In & Letting People Go

leadership mindset Aug 18, 2020

ImpactLadder Founder Sidney Minassian was recently invited to speak on a 30 Day Mindset Bootcamp hosted by Ferne Eliz King (Transformation Leader)

In this 30 minute session (recorded at 7am in the morning) Sidney and Ferne covered a number of topics including:

  • why people and lessons will appear for you until the lesson has been learned
  • how to make the hard decisions on bringing people in and letting people go
  • enhancing your empathy and taking ownership for better communication
  • 4 tips for changing a habit
  • finding people who you resonate with for learning and inspiration
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How To Become A Tech Startup Advisor While In A Full Time Corporate Role

advisor career cxo startup Aug 12, 2020

Becoming an advisor to a tech startup is a great way to enhance your leadership experience, lift your personal brand and add variation to your day-to-day corporate role.

While people with past startup experience, either as founders or early employees are a logical addition to a startup’s advisory board, having people who are currently in corporate roles brings diversity and an insider’s perspective, especially if the startup is selling business-to-business (B2B).

In this article I discuss how to position yourself for a Tech Startup Advisor role and highlight what it is and what it isn’t.

#1 Be Clear On Why You Want It

Having clarity on why you want a Tech Startup Advisor role will help set the right expectations and shape who and how you approach this. There are good reasons and not good reasons for taking on this role.

Good Reasons:

Intellectual Challenge and Growth Opportunity

Advising startups will certainly challenge you intellectually and provide a personal...

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3 Questions To Get Your Tech & Data Salespeople To Go Beyond Being ‘Consultative’

Business to business (B2B) technology and data sales are rarely straight forward.

The ability to understand and address nuances is what sets apart a regular ‘order taking’ salesperson from one that earns the trust of senior decision makers and goes on to create value for customers.

So a popular directive from sales leaders (as well as trainers and coaches) to their teams is to be ‘consultative’ or ‘consulting-led’ in their pursuits.

Ultimately the goal (or should I say the hope) is to ensure the product or service they sell is fit-for-purpose, creating value and isn’t just what is on the ‘back of the truck’.

A standard approach to being consultative is to dig deep on needs, gaps, budget, timing and so on.

But to have meaningful conversations and to become a trusted advisor, your salespeople need to go beyond being just ‘consultative’ with the technical, functional and financial requirements.

They need to get to the...

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How To Lead Growth In The Enterprise After A Crisis


Sidney Minassian interviews Susann Clifton-Smith where they discuss:

  • The Impact of Covid19,
  • The Future Of Work,
  • Growth Strategies,
  • Challenges Facing Leaders &
  • Opportunities for Startups

Susann Clifton-Smith is the Founder & Director of Simply Progress - a consultancy that helps organisations grow by leveraging Human Centred Design to understand their customers and their organisations.

Susann is a seasoned strategic designer with a highly analytical and incisive mindset. She leverages her profound behavioural research expertise which led to her PhD grounded in education, organisational and educational psychology to help organisations set up the right environment for effective decision making.

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How To Bounce Back After Getting Knocked Down In Life, Work or Business


I Lost It All

It was November 2010, I was living in Silicon Valley with my wife and children when I lost it all.

I had to let go of all of my employees, 20 of them across Australia and the US.

I lost the multimillion dollars worth of angel and venture capital investments I had secured.

I lost all my life savings which I had used as startup capital to bankroll the business before raising external funding.

I lost my job as the CEO of my company and my only source of income.

I lost the family home back in Australia as I couldn’t afford to keep paying rent in Palo Alto USA and mortgage repayments back in Australia.

Oh and our youngest of 3 children was just 30 days old and we had 10 days to pack and leave the US because my work visa was conditional on my business and a few weeks later I found out an immediate family member was diagnosed with cancer.

Many people have asked me how do you recover from something like that?

That was almost 10 years ago and I don’t have all the...

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Why You Must Now Become a Wartime (Founder, CEO, Sales) Leader & How To Go On The Offensive

Regardless of your title, if you are responsible for your company’s strategy and revenue, read on, you have great responsibility, risk and opportunity ahead of you.

I first came across the concept of the Peacetime/Wartime CEO in Ben Horwitz’s book, The Hard Thing About Hard Things. Ben explains :

Peacetime/Wartime in Business

Peacetime in business means those times when a company has a large advantage vs. the competition in its core market, and its market is growing. In times of peace, the company can focus on expanding the market and reinforcing the company’s strengths.

In wartime, a company is fending off an imminent existential threat. Such a threat can come from a wide range of sources including competition, dramatic macro economic change, market change, supply chain change, and so forth.

On his blog, Ben goes on to provide examples of the differences between Peacetime CEOs and Wartime CEOs.

Why Now (March 2020) is Wartime in Business

Businesses are facing an...

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5 Questions Leaders Should Be Asking Themselves During Times Of Crisis

crisis leadership Mar 10, 2020

Life and business are full of unknowns.

Right now we have entered an unprecedented phase of global challenges, political and economic uncertainty, panic and irrational human behaviour, all of which will adversely impact businesses and jobs.

And behind all business and jobs are the people we lead.

As a leader - more than ever, now is the time to step-up.

You need to provide confidence to your team and customers, give them mental and emotional safety and determine the best path forward for your business.

So to get started, here are 5 questions you should be asking yourself right now:

  1. How Am I Ensuring Our Mission & Values Are Being Reinforced And Are Top Of Mind?

    Dr Peter Fuda talks about great organisations being able to answer 4 questions:

    Where are we going?
    How will we get there?
    How are we going to be on this journey? (values)
    Why do we exist above and beyond making money? (mission)

    As a leader how well can you articulate your answers to these four questions and how are you...
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Be Guided By Your Purpose and Finding Satisfaction In Your Soul

leadership podcast Aug 29, 2019

Listen here >

Or listen on >  Apple Podcast | Spotify | SoundCloud

Sidney Minassian, Founder of ImpactLadder shares his perspectives on The Business Caring Formula Podcast with host Emma Arakelyan.

Sidney talks about:

  • His early career and why he has started multiple companies,
  • Being guided by your purpose, finding mandate and seeking satisfaction in your soul,
  • The importance of values alignment in your career and leadership style,
  • Leveraging your personal brand for career growth and sales success,
  • ImpactLadders vision and mission for developing people and teams to become their extraordinary
  • What not to do in your career and as a leader,
  • The importance of role models (it's not what you think).

You can buy Emma's book on Amazon The Business Caring Formula


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