Sidney Minassian

Entrepreneur. Speaker. Advisor

“Sidney from Sydney” provokes thoughts, warms hearts and inspires action.

For the past 20+ Sidney has been an entrepreneur, customer advocate, technology innovator, business builder, people leader, speaker and advisor.

His ventures and engagements have given him the opportunity to live and work in the USA, Europe, Asia and Australia.

His primary driver has always been to create value for customers by enabling innovation and business transformation with data and cloud technologies.

To achieve this, as a multiple-time Founder & CEO, Sidney has raised angel and venture capital; hired, managed and developed people in technology, business and executive leadership roles; invented new concepts; launched new products; set strategies; executed go-to-market plans; created partnerships; made direct and channel sales; and worked with a broad set of customers, across many industries ranging from startups to executives at Global 500.

His most recent venture, Contexti, a data analytics and AI company was acquired by Versent, Australia’s fastest growing technology company.

To become successful, Sidney has had to be self-aware, be different, back himself, adapt, demonstrate massive amounts of empathy and provide mental and emotional support for the people he has taken on the journey with him (customers, team, partners, investors and family).

Along with his success he is equally proud, grateful and open about his numerous failures, which have given him the opportunity to learn, grow, reinvent and make a comeback.

Today Sidney is an active advisor to tech founders and venture investors globally.

He is also a speaker at global industry conferences, startup bootcamps, MBA programs, leadership workshops and sales kick-offs.

As a speaker Sidney's objective is to provoke thoughts, warms hearts and inspire action in his audiences. He is a specialist at deconstructing complex concepts into simple, memorable and teachable stories and methods. Topics closest to his heart are about innovation, startup sales, and how to become your extraordinary by building your resilience and enhancing your impact.

Sidney is married to an artist and together they have three children.

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