How To Bounce Back After Getting Knocked Down In Life, Work or Business


I Lost It All

It was November 2010, I was living in Silicon Valley with my wife and children when I lost it all.

I had to let go of all of my employees, 20 of them across Australia and the US.

I lost the multimillion dollars worth of angel and venture capital investments I had secured.

I lost all my life savings which I had used as startup capital to bankroll the business before raising external funding.

I lost my job as the CEO of my company and my only source of income.

I lost the family home back in Australia as I couldn’t afford to keep paying rent in Palo Alto USA and mortgage repayments back in Australia.

Oh and our youngest of 3 children was just 30 days old and we had 10 days to pack and leave the US because my work visa was conditional on my business and a few weeks later I found out an immediate family member was diagnosed with cancer.

Many people have asked me how do you recover from something like that?

That was almost 10 years ago and I don’t have all the...

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