Why You Must Now Become a Wartime (Founder, CEO, Sales) Leader & How To Go On The Offensive

Regardless of your title, if you are responsible for your company’s strategy and revenue, read on, you have great responsibility, risk and opportunity ahead of you.

I first came across the concept of the Peacetime/Wartime CEO in Ben Horwitz’s book, The Hard Thing About Hard Things. Ben explains :

Peacetime/Wartime in Business

Peacetime in business means those times when a company has a large advantage vs. the competition in its core market, and its market is growing. In times of peace, the company can focus on expanding the market and reinforcing the company’s strengths.

In wartime, a company is fending off an imminent existential threat. Such a threat can come from a wide range of sources including competition, dramatic macro economic change, market change, supply chain change, and so forth.

On his blog, Ben goes on to provide examples of the differences between Peacetime CEOs and Wartime CEOs.

Why Now (March 2020) is Wartime in Business

Businesses are facing an...

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